A need for international communication and profusion of information requires accurate technical and legal translations.
Legal translation is that of a legal document, whether public or private, formulated by jurists; therefore, it often contains large amounts of legal concepts uncommon in everyday life.


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Hebrew English Russian professional translations It is important that a translator is someone with a background and skills in the translation field in addition to legal knowledge or a lawyer with a good command of languages and skills of a translator.
Here are some examples of official documents or legal texts:
 Any document issued by authorities
◦ Purchase agreements and financial documents
◦ Power of attorney;
Official military publications
◦ Wills and trusts;
◦ Insurance policies, reports;
◦ Judicial decisions;
 Company statutes;
◦ Any financial or legal text, including prenuptial (premarital)  agreements and inheritance documents.

Law has become more and more international - many lawyers travel abroad to accompany their clients or simply to look for new business opportunities. In the process of choosing a lawyer, fluency in English is required. All this has increased the need for legal translation. A lawyer would not be surprised today to receive contracts, agreements, or documents, written in foreign languages from his clients, and he must understand and study them in order to be able to advise properly. Although lawyers are more willing, able, and involved in the negotiation process in other languages today, they do not have the time to translate large volumes of documents. The priority is given rather to investing time to advise clients and to prepare a legal case than various translation tasks.

Rosemberg Translations is committed to supply our clients with the highest quality in translations while maintaining the confidentiality of the documents.

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