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Are you dreaming about working abroad? Do your short-term or long- term career aspirations include a placement in various locations worldwide? Are you interested in practicing your abilities to speak various languages? It is
possible that you completed courses or a degree in international business administration, or you only wish to expand your training in the area of corporations by obtaining a more global perspective and multi- cultural experience.

Whichever your professional field is, the success of your communication strategy depends on one main element: an accurate and formatted translation of the communication documents. The presentation and reliability of your message are dependent on it.

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A Curriculum vitae is a document that presents or summarizes the relevant credentials, qualifications, and experience of a person. The CV is usually the first item seen by employers in processing work applicants.

The CV of a person emphasizes the experience and references which he or she estimates to be related to the desired position.

A worthy CV can help you in presenting your credentials and experience in a way that emphasizes the level of your suitability for the position.

We can help you in the translation of your CV into a foreign language, so that you will be able to reach potential employers in various countries, to which you intend to emigrate and in which you intend to work. The services offered by us can help you to make a better initial impression on prospective employers.

Given that the work force is becoming more and more varied and the global economy, international business experience -- either frequent business trips abroad, posting overseas for short periods of time, or transferring for longer periods of time to overseas destinations, can be definitely valuable and constitute milestones of your whole career.

When more and more multi-national companies are moving personnel between destinations throughout the world, your chances to land a coveted job overseas were never better. But how do you promote yourself in order to obtain such positions?

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